Housekeepers’ Guide Summer 2020

These guidelines have been issued to our housekeeping team following the COVID-19 outbreak and will be adhered to going forward.

Your private hot tub – The external areas of the hot tubs will be sanitised and the water chemicals are checked every day to maintain cleanliness.


Any cleaners that have any symptoms of the virus should not be working. On entry to the property, please wash your hands thoroughly. Use disposable gloves, a mask and an apron when cleaning and ensure that windows and doors are open to allow air to circulate.

There are two elements to cleaning:

■   Clean surfaces first with soap and water

■   Disinfect following cleaning using a disinfectant with either hydrogen peroxide, ethanol or sodium hypochlorite in it. Bleach with a 0.5% concentration or an alcohol-based product with at least 62-80% alcohol  is sufficient to kill most germs. Leaving the disinfectant on the surface for  a few minutes before wiping down will allow it to have more effect.

All the items such as mops and cloths need to have been cleaned prior to you using them to clean the house. They then need to be washed again on completing the clean to avoid transferring anything between houses and guests. Kitchen brushes and sponges can be cleaned and then put in the microwave on high power for a minute or two. Cloths that can be put in the washing machine should be washed at the highest heat setting appropriate for the item.

Concentrate on high-touch areas when cleaning including handles and horizontal surfaces, remote controls, light switches, oven and hob controls, stair rails, banisters and window handles. Don’t forget the key safe and the keys. Ultimately, any items that the guests are likely to touch need to be cleaned down.

Vacuum cleaners should be emptied and wiped down before and after using.

Any open food items should be removed and disposed of.

Laundry should be washed on the warmest water setting possible and then completely dried. Ensure that bags which are used to transport laundry are clean.

We have said that while it isn’t practical to launder bedspreads between stays, these have been removed from the property.

Use antibacterial wipes to wipe over the exterior covers of the Property Information folder and the Visitor book.

Consider whether to leave items such as books, games and toys in the property as it is difficult to clean these.

Please ensure that the property is well stocked with cleaning materials and products and that there is antibacterial hand sanitiser gel at the entry door at the very least. If possible, provide in the kitchen and cloakroom/main bathroom too. We will remind and recommend to guests to plan to bring their own hand sanitiser, gloves, masks and antibacterial soap.

With the need to ensure that all the elements of the cleaning process are completed, we have changed the arrival time for guests to 4.30pm and the departure time to 9.30am.

On leaving the property spray surfaces with aerosol sanitiser provided.

Cleaning check list

■   Ensure windows and doors are open during clean

Entry Hall

■   Hand sanitizer in place

■   Door handles wiped down on exit

■   Heating thermostat cleaned

■   Vacuum cleaner emptied and wiped down


■   Remove any food items from the property

■   Light switches cleaned

■   Handles cleaned – doors, kitchen cabinets, fridge, freezer

■   Bins cleaned

■   Electrical appliances cleaned – coffee machines, kettles, toasters etc

■   Oven doors and controls cleaned

■   Chairs cleaned (particularly chair backs)

■   Surfaces cleaned

■   Use washing machine cleaner on high temperature cycle to clean washing machine with cleaning product such as Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner. Use dishwasher cleaner on the dishwasher.

Dining Room

■   Chairs cleaned (particularly chair backs)

■   Switches cleaned

■   Handles to cupboards cleaned

■   Table top cleaned

Sitting Room

■   Light switches cleaned

■   Handles cleaned

■   Do soft furnishings need cleaning? Upholstery and soft furnishings that  can’t be washed can be cleaned with a steam cleaner

■   Vacuum underneath sofas and remove cushions and vacuum

■   Remote controls wiped down and any buttons to turn appliances on and off Cloakroom

■   Door handles cleaned

■   Taps, sink surface and toilet thoroughly cleaned

■   New toilet roll in place


■   Strip all beds at the start of the cleaning process, bag up the dirty linen  and remove from the property

■   Handles cleaned including wardrobe and chest of drawers

■   Light switches cleaned

■   Window locks cleaned

■   Flat surfaces cleaned

■   Hair dryers wiped down


■   Soap in place

■   Door handles cleaned

■   Taps, sink, toilet, bath and shower cleaned

■   New toilet roll in place

■   Light switches cleaned

Outside Space

■   Keys cleaned

■   Hot tub area cleaned and sanitised

■   Outside furniture cleaned and sanitised

■   Bin lids wiped down